Friday, 30 May 2008


Nothing I like more. Another site I regularly visit. Not too detailed, short and to the point, with some nice pictures and unusual guns. Give GunPorn a go.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Motivational Poster

Just found a link to this from The Lair of the Evil DM..

Gearbox Video

First attempt at this email posting business

Here are some links I found the other day.


The first is not a new link, but a link to a redesigned site over at <A HREF=””>UK Tactical</A>. Nice new site, much better than the old one, good work fellas.


Next up is also an old site, but one I rediscover every now and then but always forget to add to my <A HREF=”http;//”>Centrepoint airsoft links page</A>. Dead useful site with loads of stuff you need to know if you’re considering doing any custom work on a gun yourself. Give <A HREF=””>Mechbox</A> a click.


Finally, a link to a YouTube video showing a 3D model animation of a <A HREF=””>V2 gearbox</A>.


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Centrepoint Airsoft

Welcome to the new Centrepoint Airsoft blog, sister site to my original Centrepoint site. As with all my blogs, it is mainly a point of reference for myself to store interesting and useful links and bits of information. If other people find it interesting and informative then so be it.

I hope to be updating it reasonably regularly, but if I don't, it just means I have better things to do at that point in time but, like all of my other web presences, I'll be back soon.