Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Help Wanted at Free Fire Zone Bulby Wood Site

Got this this morning from the FFZ crew...

Can you help please?
New Woodland SITE (Bulby)- Bunker Building on Sun 23rd Nov - Please reply to this email if you can help.

All helpers must be 16 or over.

There will be a free woodland walkon game to all those that help.

If have any friends who do not have guns then the free game can be used to take £20 off the price of a hire gun day time event.

We have more bunkers to build at the new woodland site and any help we can get will be appricaited.

Anyone available to help please reply to this email.

If you have any of these please bring gloves and your lunch.

We will meet on site at 10.00 and work for about 5 hours.

Many Thanks to all those that offer.

Directions to Bulby Hall Wood, 9 miles North of Bourne, LINCS
Phone contact on game day ONLY is 07835 402410

Site - If arriving from A15 Rippingale Crossroads Postcode is near PE10 0SD (this is approx 1 mile east of the site)
If arriving from A1, Colsterworth roundabout Postcode is near PE10 0RY (this is approx 1000 yards north of the site)

Site entrace map info
Grid ref: TF048269
Lat: 52:49:49N (52.83021)
Lon: 0:26:44W (-0.44551)

Multimap link

From the A1, Colsterworth roundabout approx 9 miles to site

Start out at A1 Colsterworth Roundabout
after 3.87 Turn left onto Tanners' Lane
after 0.36 Bear left onto Irnham Road
after 1.03 Continue forward onto Corby Road
after 0.95 Turn left onto Hawthorpe Road
after 1.39 Bear right Unclassified
after 0.09 Turn right Unclassified
after 0.06 Turn right into track leading to the wood

From A15, Rippingale crossroads, approx 4 miles to site

Turn towards Kirkby underwood onto Rippingale Road (stay on this road for approx 3.5 miles)
It will take you through Kirkby Underwood
Past Callans lane wood
Past a left turn to Bulby (Do not go left to Bulby)
On a right hand corner you will see a left turn into a field and that is the entrance to Bulby Hall Wood.
If you get to Hawthorpe you have gone too far.

Info - See for VCR and membership info
Info - FFZ membership now available £5 with card please provide passposrt sized photo with name on the back
Info - Please read about VCR Bill

Please sign in at FFZ by 9.15 on Sunday.
FPS limit for AEGs 345fps, Sniper fps limit - 500fps

Firesupport Airsoft Shop - FREE delivery to site on game days email tel: 01733 247171

Next GAMES or

++SUN 16th Nov Woodland game @ Bulby Hall Wood - 10 hire guns
--WED 19th Nov @ Urban NIGHT AEG - 6 Hire guns
SAT 22nd Nov @ Urban - 23 Hires
++SUN 30th Nov Woodland game @ Bulby Hall Wood - 10 hire guns
--WED 3rd Dec Urban NIGHT PISTOL and SHOTGUN - 5 Hires
SAT 6th Dec @ Urban - 23 Hires
++SUN 14th Dec Woodland game @ Bulby Hall Wood - 10 hire guns
--WED 17th Dec @ Urban NIGHT AEG - 6 Hire guns
SAT 20th Dec @ Urban - 23 Hires

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Art of the Tactical Carbine

This is the trailer for a three DVD set called 'The Art of the Tactical Carbine' produced by Magpul (the guys behind (surprise, surprise) magpuls and fancy M4 stocks, amongst other things). I've just watched it and I've got wood!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Next Project

I recently joined the forum, which incidentally, is a great forum, much friendlier, if not as frequently updated as Wannabe and is based in Sweden. If you're a regular on the UK gear and airsoft boards, there's a few screen-names that you'll recognise there.

All that aside, I saw on this forum that one of their members had modified a PLCE yoke as the load-bearing element for a custom Swedish chest rig. I thought that this was a great idea, and could see no reason why this should not work with other modular chest rigs such as the Tactical Tailor MAV or, in my case, the SOTech Tomcat.

First problem I ran into was sourcing the buckles. The Hellcat has female side-release buckles sewn to the chest rig, with the adjustable male section attached to the shoulder straps. Without wishing to take anything away from the modularity of the rig, and not wanting to ruin it in the event that my experiment with the yoke fails, I don't want to unstitch the buckles so I needed to find some more exactly the same. Fortunately, the buckles have 'Lock Monster' embossed on the back, so I started my Google search with that. Google did not fail me, and I found a couple of distributers that handled 50mm Lock Monster buckles. After sending several emails out (including one to SOTech thamselves), I have so far got two back:

Response 1

We have a $100.00 minimum order and 200 piece minimum on our stock
items. Listed below is the name and web address of a company that sells
plastic hardware wholesale in small quantities; please contact them for
your requirements.

Adventure 16

Thank you,

Toni Lopez
Sales & Purchasing Assistant

Helpful enough, I hear you say.

Response 2

Please tell me if the female protion is adjustable or not?
Also give me your address and I will mail them to you.

Best Regards,

Ann Parrino
Customer Service Manager

How about that ? Ann Natmo has surprised the hell out of me by offering to ship me some buckles without even asking for payment. Is this too good to be true ? We'll have to wait and see.

Stay posted.

Photos from the recent abortive barrel installation

Here are the photos I took to put on a forum for advice on installing my new L119 barrel (see previous post for details). You can clearly see in the pics that the Marui M4 RIS is too short to sit between the delta ring and the foresight cup.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

L119A1 Project

It's been a while since I posted anything about thie project, mainly down to the difficulty in getting a barrel. I thought this sticking point had been resolved when I saw that DragonRed and AFS Airsoft both had an L119 barrel for retail, and in decent numbers (as opposed to the joke that Army Code's production runs were).

With a barrel on order at a slightly elevated price, of £62 thanks to the appalling rate of exchange against the dollar, I waited with baited breath.

The barrel arrived last Friday. and appeared to be of excellent quality, arriving as a 3-part set consisting of the main section, an extention that screwed on in front of the foresight, and a sleeve that slid over the end and replaced the washer at the end of the Marui barrel. The barrel had a nice weighty feel, and the parts all fitted together nicely with no play or wobble.

I was away at the weekend, so I had to wait until Sunday night to install it on my almost finished L119. Off came all the old Marui M4 front end with very little effort and on went the main section of the new barrel, fitting perfectly and snugly into the Guarder metal body.

Fitting the Delta ring, foresight and the cup at the front all went well, until I went to install the two halves of the Marui RIS unit, where I encountered two issues.

The section of the barrel at the end that attaches to the receiver is much thicker than the stock Marui barrel and the RIS does not fit around it. No problem there, out with the files and the Dremel to grind a bit away. The second issue is much more of a problem. The Marui RIS is not long enough to be held in place between the delta ring and the cup, there is about a 5mm defecit.

I havee no idea how I'm going to solve this at the moment. I have emailed DragonRed to ask their advice. I have posted on the DragonRed forum for advice. I have also emailed AFSAirsoft to ask them and they claim that they do not supply DragonRed with these items even though someone on the ASCUK forum said he bought a barrel from DragonRed and showed pictures of it complete with the AFSAirsoft label still attached to the packaging.

I now have two possible solutions to my problem.

1. Buy a new RIS unit. Simple enough, but how do I know that the unit I buy will be long enough to fit the barrel?

2. Buy an Element CQB barrel to replace the main section of the DragonRed barrel. Another suitable resolution, but makes me feel like I have wasted a lot of money.

I haven't taken any pics of the gun as it stands, but I feel like I needed to have a moan and to warn other prospective buyers of this barrel.

More to come, undoubtedly.