Thursday, 30 April 2009

Two New Links

Got a couple of new links for you, dropped through my inbox by Rick, the webmaster for the sites. Both are US airsoft retailers.

Airsoft Station

Renegade Airsoft

There's some pretty cool stuff on there, if you buy anything from them, don't forget to tell them who sent you.

Midweek Motivation

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Monday Gunfight

This week's shootout comes from Luc Besson's movie Leon (aka The Professional) starring Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman.

24 Hour MilSim Game

Hollow Rock, to its population, is typical small town USA. But all that is about to change....

After a conspiracy theory is published on the World Wide Web concerning the details of a biolab, human testing and all located within "small town USA" then it was only a question of time before it was scooped up by the tabloids and national media.

No one could have guessed how far the shockwaves were about to travel as the events that followed were beyond what most people could have imagined.

But then when you throw in a corporate private army, US Army troops, a Government Special Operation team, the CIA, and a town population armed to the teeth, then things can only be described as "slightly delicate".

The Uprising it's going to be an Airsoft tour de force!!!

The Event
7-9 AUG '09
£75 EACH

This is a BamakoBampots organised Charity MILSIM game with all proceeds going towards the BamakoBampots charity.

There will be a special competition on the Friday night from 1800 till 0200 run by the Airsoft League which will pit teams of 5 against each other in a pistols and shotgun only timed event. The winners of this Charity league game will receive a Trophy a number of individual prizes.

The main game will run from 1030hrs on Saturday through to 12 noon Sunday the next day and being MILSIM will not stop during the night. Ambient low level lighting ( red low watt) will be placed at certain points around the village to ensure that those without NVG can move and play safely whilst ensuring enough darkness that those with NVG and torches can still play strategically.

This is a 24 hr Charity MILSIM game and all proceeds go to the BamakoBampots Registered Charity (registering number: 1123419).

For more information, check out The Uprising website, or email

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Midweek Demotivation (if you're a Somali Pirate)

Bad Ass Cool Accessory

As I was browsing the internet during my lunch break, I found a blog unimaginitively, but accurately called The Firearm Blog which contains some nics pics and bits of news. It also has a long list of links to other firearm sites, one of which ( had a great link about these amazing party-conversation-starters, AK-47 bullet ice cube trays.

How good is that ?

Monday, 20 April 2009

Cat Shit One: The Animated Series

Whilst looking for the Animal Mother clip for my monday Gunfight post, I found a trailer for an adaptation of what appears to be a set of Manga (I don't speak or read Japanese, unfortunately). The trailer is for an animated film called Cat Shit One. It's about Special Forces operators in the middle east (presumable Iraq or Afghanistan) but the operators are rabbits and the bad guys look like they are camels. Aside from this, meticulous detail is paid to all weapons, gear and drills. Due out 2010, according to the website. Enjoy.

The Monday Gunfight

I've been a bit slack on keeping up the regular items that I had planned on doing every week. I'll start doing them again, but they will continue to be on the sporadic when-I-can-be-arsed basis that they have been up to now.

Here's a scene from my favourite Vietnam movie, Full Metal Jacket and features one of my favourite actors, Adam Baldwin. It's the scene where Animal Mother (played by Baldwin) makes a full on M60 charge into enemy sniper territory to rescue his buddies Doc J and 8-Ball. Get some!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Coolest iPhone Application Yet...

Already bored with your sniper rifle? Howsabout an iPod mount?