Thursday, 24 December 2009

OPSEC Airsoft Radio

I'm sat at work on Christmas Eve, only for the morning I might add, and I'm listening to OPSEC Airsoft Radio on iTunes for the first time ever. It's Episode 121: Zombie Apocalypse '09, and it's actually very good. I thought it was going to be very American (and, as they're based in South California, it is centred around their scene) but as I'm listening, an Australian has just phoned in, which is pretty cool. I also found out that you have to have an actual firearms licence to own an airsoft gun in Oz. Bummer.

If you're at a loss this Christmas, give OPSEC Airsoft Radio a go.

Merry Christmas.

Monday, 21 December 2009

British Army to get new camouflage pattern in 2011

It's all gone multicam for the British Army. Officially called Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) (although we all know it's actually Crye multicam). According to the article in the Daily Telegraph, it will be made in China and will be the first pattern change in 40 years (although I'm pretty sure it's not). At least it's not ACU.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Condor Tactical Gear

I've just had a reply from Condor about where to buy their products in Europe. I was specifically interested in their Rip Away EMT Pouch, which I have subsequently found on the Soldier of Fortune website, but only in coyote brown.

Condor replied very promptly to my enquiry with the following...

Thank you for your interest in our products, base on the info you have
provided, here are some of our dealers in Europe. You can try the following
online European dealers:





Condor Outdoor Products

Monday, 14 December 2009


Site Update: the link to ASCUK has been replaced with a link to the all new UK Airsoft Zone.

UK Airsoft Zone

Friday, 11 December 2009

UK Airsoft Zone going to be the replacement for ASCUK with moderators Beaker, Fluffy and Aitch at the helm, for good or for bad, best of luck to them. There's only a placeholder there at the moment, but UK Airsoft Zone will be found here.

ASCUK gone for good. Where to go now ?

Now that ASCUK is dead, and I quote from a post on Arnie's Airsoft forum from Aitch, one of the now, ex-moderators of ASCUK:

Right, save speculation, I've avoided posting until I knew what going on, now I know what is what here goes,
It's dead and will not be coming back,

Short version is we were trying to buy the database/url etc as fluffy had no interest in it anymore, the deal fell through, so end of an era,

None of us foreseen this sudden closure and It leaves alot of people stuck mid deal with sales etc, stuffs a lot of sites with forums who will have no idea what is happening, I can only apologise for this, out of my hands, it went down a few years ago and came back after a few weeks work went into it, if it does return this time I will not be involved with it,
I'd have like to have been given time to inform users/and sites of closure but s**t happens, thanks to all who supported the place over the years,

Hey, atleast it means there will be no more forum rivalry

Now stick the boot in lads


There are more than a few forums out there that will be grateful of the traffic including at least one that is being set up to take ASCUK's place in the form of Simply Airsoft and a placeholder, that Aitch has set up.

In the mean time, entertain yourself with the following forum links. I've been a member on Arnie's for a good few years now, so I'd suggest you start there, then try these others:

Airsoft Ireland
Manchester and North West Airsoft Community
Zero In

Or just google it and take your chances. Goodbye ASCUK, parts of you I'll miss, other bits I won't but thanks for being there for as long as you were.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

ASCUK no more?

Looks like ascuk is gone for good according to a thread over on Arnie's airsoft forum. Not sure how much to believe because the two sites have always had a healthy rivalry, but the evidence is pretty compelling. Never mind. Just a shame about the dreadful auction format they have the classifieds in cos the rest of the site's always been pretty cool.