Thursday, 29 April 2010

Email from Chinese battery Manufacturer

This just turned up in my Spambox. Not sure how Tina worked out from my website that I was 'a Wholesale Division of Airsoft gun in Hongkong' but there you go. Someone may find the contents of this email useful, even if you don't it's quite amusing to read (although to be fair, Tina's English is a damn sight better than my Chinese).

Dear David:
How is going ! So glad to email you , First ,i wanna introduce me to u ,this is tina from Dongguan China , From your website ,i know that you are a Wholesale Division of Airsoft gun in Hongkong .Happen to be ,our company is specializing in producing li-po and NI-MH battery for airsoft guns .So I wanna to show you some of our company's products and hope there will be some cooperation opportunity between us .maybe you have some fixed battery suppiler ,but you can add me as another order to protect your benefits ,we can send some samples to you to verify its performances first .we are not a mid-trader,so the price must be more benefit for you .the May day is coming ,hope u have a good holiday and good luck !
(Dongguan victory battery co,ltd ) is a manufacturer who specialized in producing and marketing Ni-MH (high power ,imported seperated PP,pure Nickle metal in positive pole enhance its conductivity,lowest resistance )and Li-po battery (the main chracteristics : enviromental friendly ,light weight ,high power ,no memory effect ,long recycle life ,low self-discharge ) for electric airsoft gun and RC hobby.The latest product information ,u can choose to browse our ,UL ,ROHS (international certification is available , OEM is welcome too )
1. For li-po batteries we can design and produce :

voltage : 3.7V /7.4V/11.1V/14.8V/18.5V/22.2V

capacity :40mah to 10000mah

discharge current :15C/20C/25C/30C/35C/40C/45C/55C

2. For NI-MH batteries we can design and produce :

voltage :1.2V

capacity:700mah to 10000mah

remarks:a. samples available

b.100% inspection before shipment.

c. one year after services ensure

d. (OEM) Customized service like design, packing is acceptable.

e. manufacturer (not a mid-trader,price will more benefit for u )

f:have rich experince in exporting around the world(airfreight cooperration parter UPS)

any need ,you can add my MSN or u can leave me your another contact ways,MSN or Skepy all welcome . Looking forward to hearing from you soon .except the business thing ,i also wish we can be friends in near future.

Below is our company's latest products and the 7th shanghai international model exhibition 2010 catalogue :

Best regards

Dongguan Victory Battery Technology Co., LTD


Tel : 86-769-82605822-8011

Fax: 86-769-82605811

Mobile: 86-0-13416825415

Website :

Address: Huilong Industrial Area, Huilong Rd, Dakan Village,Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, PRC 523760

Monday, 12 April 2010

Gear Review: Guyot Designs Firefly Bottle Lantern

Since I bought it about two weeks ago, I have begun to think that this item, while being cool and gadgety, is a little extravagant. It's a Guyot Designs Firefly Lantern Bottle Lid for Nalgene-type polycarbonate bottles. It replaces the lid of the bottle, takes 3 AAA batteries, and when switched on, emits a warm, bright glow from the three LEDs inside doubling up the usefulness of your bottle from just bottle to bottle and lamp, ta-dah! The LED compartment shines down into the bottle illuminating the contents or just the empty bottle itself.

The lid is pretty sturdy and is attached to the bottle by a black nylon cord locked around the neck of the bottle with a little grub-screwed plastic cinch doohicky making it all nice and secure. Batteries are fitted in a waterproof compartment in the top of the lid secured by three small screws. All the parts are chunky and feel pretty robust as you would expect from an item in this price range. The only problem I've found so far is that the on/off swuicth doesn't always work first time, which is a bit lame for something this expensive, but not the end of the world.

It's pretty cool if you want to travel light (no pun intended) meaning that you no longer have to carry a camping lamp with you although, to be honest, you could just take the normal nalgene bottle (or any other bottle that takes your fancy) and carry a head torch too. You'd be £18 richer, but would have no gadget-nerd fun.

Seriously, this is useful, but at nearly £18, plus the price of the bottle (which can be anywhere between about £3 and £10, you'd probably be better off (in both senses of the phrase) buying a '58 pattern bottle and a cheap head torch, but this is pretty high tech and gadgety, so if like me you're a bit of a sucker for that sort of thing, go for it.

The Firefly was bought from Wilderness 1-2-1. The bottle took just over a week to arrive, which was longer than I'd have expected, but this was over Easter so is entirely forgivable. Wilderness 1-2-1 were nice and friendly, with a personalised typed letter in with the item, which is a nice touch that you don't often get. The letter also suggested that carrying coloured fruit squash in the bottle could be less detrimental to your night vision. Good tip.

Monday, 5 April 2010

The greatest action movie ever?

Co-written and directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone, and featuring Jason Statham, Jet Li, Eric Roberts, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Trejo, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, Micky Rourke, Charisma Carpenter and the late Brittany Murphy, The Expendables can't possibly be anything short or pant-shittingly awesome. Even the mighty neck of Sly Stallone was overwhelmed with the full-on action awesomeness of this movie, having to have emergency surgery and a plate put in after breaking his neck whilst filming. Bad. Ass. Don't believe me? Just look at the poster and the trailer. Awesome.