Wednesday, 10 August 2011

XM177E2 Upgrade

Last night I stripped and rebuilt my old Marui XM177E2 in the space of a couple of hours. It was the first electric airsoft gun I bought, second hand from a friend and served me well for a couple of years before I upgraded to an M4RIS. It's a great little gun and has been sitting in the loft for far too long now. As I have completely rebuilt the M4 now, I had an EG1000 motor and M4 gearbox spare so I decided to take the XM apart, give it a clean and rebuild it with the superior M4 internals.

Being plastic, it was a bit fiddly and delicate and, despite all my best intentions, I managed to snap off one of the receiver lugs (unsurprisingly as they're the Achilles heel of the plastic bodied Armalite) although this didn't affect the feel of it when reassembled. Couldn't believe that it only had an EG650 motor inside. might be a bit closer to competitive on the skirmish field now. old photo, but nothing on the outside has changed. See you at the Fireball Vietnam day in September.