Tuesday, 24 November 2009

G&P Single Point Sling

Just received a G&P single point sling from KHMountain in Hong Kong. only paid £6.99 for it via their eBay shop, which is a bargain, even if it is crap. The stitching is a bit untidy but it seems sturdy enough for what I'll be using it for. Will chuck it on the rifle when I get home and try it out.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Site Update: new links sidebar added

I've just added a complete links sidebar with graphics instead of the short, text placeholder that has been there since I redesigned the blog sometime ago.

New photos of the L119A1

Now that I have improved my photography skills and got to the point where I know what most of the knobs and buttons do on my Sony DSLR, I can finally put up some photos of my gun that I am happy with. These were taken under artificial light on shutter priority with a 10 second exposure. They seem to have come out okay.

The specs of the rifle are as before. Please note that this is an airsoft rifle and not capable of firing, or being converted to fire, real ammunition:

L119A1: Guarder Colt Canada metal receiver, Marui M4 internals & stock, AR15.net stock pad, DBoys RIS, delta ring, foresight cup, DragonRed L119A1 barrel, Blackhawk mag pouch, Guarder oversized grip, ACM ACOG. there is still a few things I want to change about the gun including upgrading all the internals, fitting a tight barrel and getting the RIS to stay still - it currently twists slightly around the barrel, cheap Chinese tat.

The rifle is sitting on a bunch of my gear. Some of the stuff you may spot in the background:

TT 2-Piece MAV with Warrior triple M4 pouch, TT canteen pouch and TT GP pouch. Desert and DPM assault vests, DDPM windproof smock, Warrior assault pack, SOTech plate carrier and my custom PLCE webbing. Hope you like the pics.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tactical Tailor Two-Piece MAV

Just received from one of the guys on ASCUK is the newest addition to my tactical gear collection, a TT 2-piece MAV. I've wanted one of these for a while, having not been very satisfied with my SOTech Hellcat. Not sure how I'm actually going to configure this, but I've had an initial crack at it to see how it feels.

It's going to stay pretty lightweight as I want a simple rig. It needs a hydration pouch but I'm pretty happy with it so far. The X-Harness is very comfortable and the whole things sits well and is much more solid and stable than the Hellcat which, with its integral magazine pouches had a tendency to loosen up when you'd used up all six magazines. In it's current configuration above, it is carrying a Warrior triple M4 double mag pouch and Tactical Tailor Multi-Purpose Pouch and Canteen Utility Pouch. The name canteen utility pouch is a bit misleading though, as it's barely big enough for a US canteen and nowhere near big enough for a '58 pattern bottle and mug, which is a shame.

I'll possibly do a bit more about this when I've loaded it up and/or used it in anger.

Monday, 2 November 2009


I just found this while surfing for info on setting up the TT 2-Piece MAV (one of which I should have by the middle of the week). I ran across the Weapon Evolution forum which looks pretty good in itself, and on it was a link to this site about the AR57, an AR15 upper receiver which accepts P90 magazines. There's a few videos of it in use on YouTube, one of which is below.